Charlene Huston is a Director, Producer, Editor and Location Manager

with a prestigious background of accomplishments in the Entertainment Industry as well as in Educational and Philanthropic environments. 
She is uniquely qualified, possessing proven creative, technical, financial, operational and instructional capabilities, including:
Adept in financing projects through grants, fundraising and individual investments; completes productions in a timely and
cost-effective manner.    Experience with Pathé, MTV and FOX-Television as well as numerous educational, cultural and community-based organizations. 
Significant documentary experience as Producer, Director and Editor: Vanishing Landscapes series (Full-length documentary series about artists with environmental missions; Lotusland Cactus Garden (Documentary on horticultural restoration of a historical Santa Barbara landmark); Be the Change.  (Acclaimed documentary series focusesd on humanitarian catastrophes as redressed by international peacemakers) 
Major feature film productions, including Location Manager for Lolita (1988, Adrian Lyne director) and Assistant Location Manager for Steal Big Steal Little, (1994, Andrew Davis director).
As Associate Producer for Mary Silliman’s War (1993, Steven Surjik director), 
raised completion funds to secure the largest grant to date for a motion
picture from the National Endowment for Humanities, selected Canada locations 
for cost-effective production, completing the project on time and on
budget.  The film, telling an intimate story about the American Revolutionary War,
is used widely for instruction.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Charlene on location in Nova Scotia, where she was dubbed
"she who makes the waters smooth as she wrangled a beach landing before sunset"

Extensive background with non-profit, community based and educational organizations.  As volunteer coordinator of lightblueline initiated a cutting-edge conceptual art effort to indicate rise of ocean levels due to climate change, the initiative garnering international attention.  Wrote grants and managed Angels Bearing Gifts which provides presents for those with developmental disabilities during holidays.  Additional experience serving on the Board of Directors for the Summer Solstice Celebration, with Art Without Limits which provides mentorship for young artists and Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.
Charlene established Charmadillo Productions in 1997 as President and Creative Director to produce numerous and acclaimed independent projects,
including Breaking the Mold (Spec reality, MTV), Speaking for Ourselves (Social advocacy videos on behalf of the developmentally disabled commissioned by the Consumer Advocacy Coalition to achieve a high profile on YouTube) and Uniform Motion of Folly (Independent feature)
She is an active member of the International Documentary Association. 

Artist Statement

WHY I MAKE ART:  I make art as a way to deal with life.  The good, the bad, the ugly … as I reflect on the body of art I've created, I see that much of my work celebrates quirky, unexpected moments and soothes my soul when forced to deal with trauma of one kind or another.  Turns out, much of my work is about healing … the body or the planet … my own, or of those I love.

WHAT MY ART SIGNIFIES/REPRESENTS:  My art signifies our ability to to deal with whatever life and death puts in our path … to heal into, out of and through the often under-examined portal that is our soul … revealing the invisible threads that connect us all to place, time space and spirit.

WHAT'S SPECIAL ABOUT HOW I MAKE ART:  I spend much of my time working at a computer - writing and editing films and books.  The juxtaposition of working with my hands "quilting together" various elements (paint, fabric, photos, found objects) into a whole - telling a story - is the perfect balance to all the digital signals that my documentary and writing work entails.  I love finding and repurposing items, objects, things, phrases I've found,  giving them another chance, if you will. 

WHAT MY ART MEANS TO ME:  It means I will survive and that perhaps someone else who sees my art may be inspired to survive too.  I often work by candle light or twinkle light with healing music playing … brining me to an introspective realm where spirit moves me.  My commissioned work often involves "process" … making the invisible, visible and the unseen, seen … the mystery revealed, the gate opened.

"Hip Healing" detail