May 20, 2015

"So captures the beautiful morning and you look like a kid"  That's what Lilli wrote when she sent me this photo of me (in the blue bathing suit) striding out in to the sea at the crack of dawn to celebrate John Seigel Boettner and his Santa Barbara Middle School kids … ​thanks for letting me be 8 again … in the midst of a week of oil spills and other complex events.

​Ciao for now

                                                             April 29, 2015

                                                                      Came across this photo of a billboard I painted while studying advertising and art and  at San Jose State University many moons ago.

Loved painting on that scale. Still love using this word COPACETIC.

Ciao for now ...

April 1, 2015

Checking in here from my poolside office in Beverly Hills, I am thinking about the random nature of life, love, loss AND LIGHT.

Like the light pouring forth at you right now from your computer screen.

I am living the dream as my old pal TTD used to say when I asked how she was … with studios in Beverly Hills (swimming pools, movie stars), Santa Barbara (the American Riviera) and on the road in our shiny Airstream.  Pinch me.

And so, starting right here and right now  I intend to begin every Wednesday by sharing some story about fine art,  film, fabric or food that I am either making or have come upon in my travels  


MY WORK IN FABRIC  My mother taught me to sew when I was just a little girl and I have been telling stories with fabric ever since.  Today I decided to put photos of my work up on my website  please, have a look by CLICKING ON GALLERY.

Then, if you are so inspired, shoot me an email and let me know what you think!  

Ciao for now ...


May 6, 2015

Not once upon a time, but right now I am riding through the Sahara desert on horseback.  While my parents go about their daily lives in Isla Vista, CA – I feel the wind rushing through my hair and hear the flapping of this kooky headdress I bought in the old town of Giza just before I met this man who held my hand in his big, thick-skinned palm as he helped me up onto this horse and we rode off towards the great pyramids.  This moment caught forever … I was one of the lucky ones who won the photography lottery aboard the Semester at Sea world-floating campus.  I was 21 and learned to develop film on board a ship headed towards Hawaii … and now, 37 years later … here I am again. 

Riding that same horse. 

Ciao for now …

April 8, 2015

While rummaging through some files of older work this week, I came across a book I wrote called AND NOW IT'S TIME TO THINK ABOUT EGGPLANTS.


In the spirit of making the unseen, seen, I am going to let this see the the light of day again.  It was once upon a time a story quilt. Now, I think I'll publish it as an eBook.  

It's a whimsical book about FOOD.  And provides a nice charmadillo-like-segue into next week's post "How to cook breakfast for 600 of your closest friends

Wish me luck and Ciao for now ...

April 15, 2015

Today would have been my mother Charlotte's 97th birthday.  Hard to imagine being born in 1918.  Time flies … or, as my papa Henry used to say "time marches on"

So, let's do a little time travel … here is a photo of the 11 year old me, (from the local 1968 newspaper) proudly selling my older brother HANK PITCHER'S paintings in Isla Vista.

Now that's some FINE ART.  You can check his current work out here:

​Ciao for now!


April 22, 2015

Today, I’m going to suggest that you buy PEG’s COOKBOOK A Dash of Southern … it is written by my new friend Peg Ivy who lives in the bucolic Santa Ynez Valley in Southern California.

So far, I’ve whipped up Peg’s Curried Chicken Salad (LOVE the addition of apricot preserves), Fruit Pie for Brunch, Chili Egg Puff and Ivy Manor Sugar Snap Peas and wow … YUMATOLA!!!! (that’s my word for way better than delicious)

Plus, Peg’s stories about her mother Grace Lee Martin, who was born in 1901, will warm your heart.

Ciao for now …

PS - Mother’s Day is less than a month away (May 10) … wouldn’t  PEG’s COOKBOOK make a fabulous gift for a mother you know?


May 13, 2015

The Gift of Life … 

I made this happy kidney because this week I found out someone I care for needs to have a kidney transplant before the end of the year.  The statistics are kind of alarming … 100,000 people are on a national list waiting for a kidney to be donated to them & 14 people die every day waiting … we are born with two kidneys, but we only need one…I am offering up one of mine to see if we are a 'match' and will give periodic updates here on my blog ...

If you are interested in learning more about giving the gift of life, please visit:

Ciao for now …